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Professional Bed Bug Treatment in San Joaquin County


Bedbugs are one of the most common and pervasive pests found in homes and businesses in Stockton. Though they are a problem many face, not everybody is familiar with bedbug treatment options from Area-Wide Exterminators that can resolve the problem and eradicate the pests. There are plenty of ways to rid them from your home, but it isn’t always easy to detect an infestation. Some of the symptoms of bedbugs can include:

  • Redness and itchiness caused by bites
  • Infection if bites are not treated properly
  • Accumulation of insect waste in areas they have infested
Luckily, bedbugs do not spread disease, but they can still cause major problems if they gain access to your residential or commercial area. You don’t have to deal with bedbugs when you trust an extermination company to help you get rid of them, and Area-Wide Exterminators is the best pest control provider in Stockton. We will kill any pests that invade and relieve you of your bug-related stress.

Extermination for Homes & Businesses

If you are wondering about the removal and prevention of bedbugs, you can trust a pest control professional such as an exterminator to provide advice. Getting rid of pests on your own isn’t easy, so if you have noticed a rash or other symptoms of infestation, you should reach out to us. Some methods of killing bedbugs include:
  • Pesticides
  • Heat treatment
  • Vacuuming
An exterminator may use any one or combination of these methods to resolve a bedbug problem.

Call for an Inspection

Bedbugs can be a thing of the past if you trust Area-Wide Exterminators to protect your home or business in Stockton. Realtors®, residential clients and commercial customers can arrange a consultation with us by calling 209-676-3398.